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Human-centered approach

Personalized support according to your needs

Availability of our team 24/7

High performing team

Significant investment in the marketing of your property

We offer the service of Home Staging and aerial photography by drone to enhance your property

Unparalleled visibility; posting on social networks and distributing postcards in your area

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Sell your property with confidence

En choisissant de collaborer avec notre équipe, vous bénéficierez d’un accompagnement complet tout au long du processus de vente de votre propriété. Nous avons pour première étape l’évaluation marchande, qui permettra de déterminer la valeur marchande de votre bien immobilier. À cet effet, nous utiliserons des comparables, c’est-à-dire des biens immobiliers similaires vendus dans votre région, pour établir conjointement le prix le plus juste en fonction du marché et de vos objectifs de vente. Nous veillerons ainsi à ce que votre propriété soit mise en vente à un prix compétitif, correspondant à sa valeur réelle sur le marché, et qu’elle bénéficie d’une exposition optimale auprès des acheteurs potentiels. En choisissant notre équipe, vous pouvez être assuré que vous bénéficierez d’un service personnalisé et professionnel tout au long de ce processus important.

Our sold properties

In 2021, we successfully sold no less than 108 properties, which demonstrates our ability to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We are proud of this exceptional performance and we do everything we can to maintain this level of quality in our daily work. By opting for our team, you will therefore be sure to benefit from an efficient and reliable real estate sales service, and to succeed in your transaction with complete peace of mind.

Buying a property

Are you planning to buy a home? Trust Team Daniel Poitras to support you throughout your project. Whether you are looking for a residential, commercial or multi-unit property, we can provide you with the expertise you need to make your real estate investment a success. We offer you personalized and professional support to help you make the best decisions at each stage of your search, so that you can carry out your project with confidence. With Team Daniel Poitras, you are sure to be in good hands for your real estate purchase.


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Personalized support according to our customer's needs

Our clients have access to comprehensive guides for additional information during the transaction. We advocate transparency and the transfer of information in order to offer you an incomparable service.